Non-Technical Services

Mechanized Housekeeping Services

About Housekeeping Services

Mechanized cleaning services with the assistance of trained personals & latest Innovative techniques with personal supervision on day to day basis will be provided.

  • Janitorial Services.

  • Washroom Management.

  • Water Tank Cleaning.

  • Dry-cleaning of Sofas/Furniture & Vehicles.

  • Carpet Shampooing.

  • Grease Tank, Sumpits and drain cleaning.

  • Facade cleaning with High rise systems.

Masonary Services

(Once a week visit)

a.) To check, report and repair the following defects:

  • Chipping of Plaster of Paris (POP), Plaster, Concrete wall structure, etc.

  • Chipping of edges of wall corners.

  • Damage of skirting, false ceiling.

  • Crack/Damage of Mirror finished ceramic and other tiles and granite flooring.

  • Tile, Granite/Marble and Italian Floor Crystalization

  • Internal Paint works manual as well as with spray machine (Gracco).

b.) To check, report and repair the following External defects:

  • Elevation honeycombing/plaster cracks.

  • Damage to kota stones.

  • Damage to border stones of the roads.

  • Dampness / seepage.

  • Painting defects.

  • External Paint Works manual as well as with spray machine (Gracco) with help of spider kit (Karam) without use of scaffolding.

Landscaping & Garden Maintenance

About Landscaping & Garden Maintenance service

  • Proper care of all plants, trees, lawn inside the Premises.

  • Nurturing of all plants by watering, weeding, fertilizing and spraying insecticides.

  • Beautification of all outdoor plants, hedges, etc. by trimming.

  • Maintenance of Indoor Plants and placing them at different places for beautification.

  • Providing expert services of the Horticulturist.

  • To supply all garden tools, implements, manure, soil, fertilizer, insecticides, etc.

  • Natural, artificial indoor & out door plants also could be supplied.


About Transportation Service

Arrangement of cars & buses for Individual, corporate staff & Commercial purpose on hire basis.

Providing for drivers, maintenance of vehicles as per the requirement of the organization.

Arrangement of shifting/move-n-packer of lugguage as per requirement of individual or organisation.

Security Services

About Security Service

  • To provide the security Gaurds Continuous round the clock vigilance on the premises

  • Maintaining the records of the visitors moving in & out of the premises.

  • Maintaining the records of the materials (returnable & non returnable) moving in & out of the premises.