Support Staff Services


  • Receptionist

  • Computer Operator

  • Data Entry Operator

  • Swimming pool attendant

  • Genset Operator

  • Chauffeur (Driver)

  • Caretaker

  • Cook

  • Pantry boys

  • House keeping boys

  • Factory labours etc

Events & Functions Services

  • Arranging of grand events for the Individual at home and organisation such as Annual day, Excursions, Puja and Marriage etc.

  • Allied services what so ever required can also be provided such as appointment of Temporary Staff, or may be receiving your VIPs at the airport.

Pantry & Catering

  • Smartly dressed and well mannered Pantry Boy.

  • Cleaning of Vending Machines, Water Coolers, Hand Drier and hygiene of the surroundings.

  • Ensure working of Vending Machines, Water Coolers, and Hand Dryers and in case of defect, reporting to the concerned Officer and getting repaired through concerned AMC service provider.

  • Ensure availability of all consumables like premix, plastic cups, etc.

  • VIP serving of water, tea / coffee, etc. in the Conference Room, etc. as per requirement.

  • Daily accounting of all pantry consumable & catering records.

  • To prepare & Serve Meals as per your requirement.